il Colosseo non basta più, ci vuole il digitale

colosseoAsami ha 25 anni e vive a Tokyo. Appassionata di arte e di viaggi, ha da sempre un sogno nel cassetto: visitare l’Italia. La cultura e la storia italiana sono le sue fonti di ispirazione. Da quando era piccola vorrebbe venire in Italia per poterne ammirare i monumenti, perdersi tra le strade di Trastevere, degustare un bicchiere di vino in Toscana, visitare piazza San Marco a Venezia e fare shopping a via Monte Napoleone a Milano. Come tutte le ragazze della sua età, Asami utilizza internet ogni volta che cerca informazioni e ovviamente anche per organizzare le vacanze. È una tipica turista 2.0: assidua frequentatrice del web, spesso incollata al suo smartphone, quando vuole viaggiare non si affida alle agenzie ma confronta le offerte, chiede consigli online agli amici e condivide le proprie esperienze sui social network.

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Line Break Removal Tool

Rimuovere i ritorni a capo, i carriage return,

You can remove line breaks from blocks of text but preserve paragraph breaks with this tool.

If you’ve ever received text that was formatted in a skinny column with line breaks at the end of each line, like text from an email, an XML file or copy and pasted text from a PDF column then this tool is pretty darn handy.

You also have the option of just removing all line breaks from your XML, PDF or whatever text without preserving paragraph breaks.

Use this tool because spending hours manually removing line breaks sucks. Manually removing line breaks really really sucks.

Create Really Detailed Dark Web Layout Using Photoshop

Hello! Today I’m gonna teach you how to create a dark template, I tried to explain everything as detailed as I could, but let me know if you didn’t get something right. This is my very first time on writing a tutorial and I am very excited about this chance.

I will do my best to make this tutorial easy for you to follow, just follow screenshots as we move forward step by step and try to understand how to use these techniques in your own designs! Let’s start?


Create Really Detailed Dark Web Layout Using Photoshop.

By Michael Burns

Compass Datagrid | jQuery Table | Technical Resources

Compass DataGrid is an ajax-driven data grid that relies on server-side code for its data. Rather than manipulating an existing table or breaking it down into multiple pages, Compass DataGrid takes an empty table and populates it by connecting to a server-side url via ajax. As users interact with the grid, the grid talks with the server-side script letting it know what the user is requesting. The server-side script then provides JSON encoded data for the plugin to update the table.

Compass Datagrid will work with any server-side programming language. However, the example in the download is in PHP.

Update 11/11/09 9:52AM PST

Due to renaming the function, the demo.html included in the original download was not working. The zip file has been updated and should now work. Just be sure to test on a server with PHP enabled.

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Identify A Font With “What Font Is”

What Font Is is a free web-based service that helps identifying and/or finding alternatives of a font.

It works by simply uploading (or mentioning the URL of) an image including the text.

The service offers the option to include only free and/or commercial fonts in the results.

And, you can browse a gallery of 70,000+ fonts inside the “All Fonts” menu.

What  Font Is

WebResourcesDepot Feed

Identify A Font With “What Font Is”.

Test Websites On Multiple Browsers: BrowserLab

BrowserLab, a web-based service by Adobe, enables you to test websites on multiple browsers and OSs.

It is possible to create a custom browser set where the screenshots will be created only for those browsers (also helps speeding up the results).

Adobe Browserlab

Screenshots can be previewed in 2-up or onion-skin views which makes comparing multiple versions easier and x/y rulers can be used for sensitive measurements..

The service currently supports different Firefox, Safari and IE versions for Windows and Mac OS X. However, it is still in beta and new browsers are added within time.

BrowserLab is part of the Adobe CS Live and free for 1 year if you sign-up before April 30, 2011.

Test Websites On Multiple Browsers: BrowserLab.

Open Source Web File Manager: KCFinder

KCFinder is an open source and web-based file manager, built with PHP, that is inspired from the popular CKFinder.

It has a completely Ajaxed interface and can be integrated easily with other applications like FCKeditor, CKEditor, and TinyMCE WYSIWYG web editors (or anything custom).

KCFinder - Web File Manager

The file manager has a context menu when right-clicked on any item that shows options like rename, delete, download, etc.

It has a clipboard functionality for copying and moving files, images can be auto-resized to a pre-defined width-height when they are uplaoded.

Also, KCFinder has a multilanguage interface which can be customized with CSS.

Open Source Web File Manager: KCFinder.

25 Awesome Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer | Graphic and Web Design Blog

Being a freelancer means a lot of freedom to plan your own days at work, but it also does require discipline and planning. Being your own boss, you need to be good at making the right rules to succeed. Most of these tips sound just like common sense, but actually remembering everything when it’s needed isn’t necessarily as easy as you would think.

Different rules work for different people. Having worked as a freelancer on and off for over ten years, I’ve created this list of my best tips on how to succeed. Maybe you already use several of these or versions of them, great! Hopefully you will also find a tip or three that can help you to succeed in what you do! 🙂

Da: 25 Awesome Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer | Graphic and Web Design Blog.

30 amazing ajax css form | Graphic and Web Design Blog

Form is an important element in a website.The recent developments in web 2.0 scenario and the growing quantity of web apps has even make it more important. The most important point in building a form is the usability fact. Form should be easy to understand so that visitors can enter values into the form correctly without getting confused.

In this article we will explain the various techniques, tutorials, examples relating to the modern trends in building web forms to enhance the user experience.

Da: 30 amazing ajax css form | Graphic and Web Design Blog.

Know How To Plan Your Website Redesign & Get Inspired | Graphic and Web Design Blog

With this article I will start very serious article and experience series, showing you step by step how we will do our redesign process. I sat down one day and wrote all little steps I will need to do in order to create, plan new design, code it to successful and finished result and now I am hoping to go through those steps myself and make them reality. I wrote down several pages just about those steps and now I will research them further, learn a lot myself and finally will try teach you from my own experiences my best way how to do redesign.

Throughout whole article I will also feature successful redesign of popular blogs showing BEFORE/AFTER screens, enjoy!


Know How To Plan Your Website Redesign & Get Inspired | Graphic and Web Design Blog.